qLabs Hand-Held ElectroMeter Plus with Wireless

for Professional Point-of-Care Testing


The handheld qLabs ElectroMeter Plus with disposable strips is the most sophisticated rapid testing system for monitoring blood coagulation. It offers the same capabilities as the standard ElectroMeter product, but also has a built in scanner that allows easy data input. The unit also docks with the qLabs eStation for printing and charging. The advanced biosensor technology of the qLabs  platform enables rapid blood testing at patient-side, so that health care professionals and patients themselves can access real-time, lab-quality results within minutes.


Lightweight, portable, compact and easy to use, the qLabs platform features:


  • Single-use and cost effective disposable strips

  • Lightweight and compact handheld meter

  • High precision with lab quality: 5% CV

  • Fingerstick blood: less than 10 µl

  • Rapid testing: 2-7 minutes

  • Wireless communications for easy data uploading

  • Full-color touchscreen

  • Rechargeable batteries


Current Tests Available for the qLabs ElectroMeter Plus

qLabs Electrometer Plus Training Video (24 min)


The qLabs ElectroMeter Plus is CE marked and distributed outside of the US.


To contact Micropoint to find out more or to purchase the qLabs ElectroMeter Plus, please email: info@micropointbio.com.

ElectroMeter Plus Resources:


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