mLabs  Troponin I 

Evaluation for Myocardial Injury


High-sensitivity troponin I tests have shown great accuracy in determining a myocardial  infarction event (MI) in patients with chest pain, with triage times reduced to 1 hour, and also showed positive predictive ability, enabling safe discharge or rapid treatment initiation.


Micropoint's mLabs Troponin I test enables clinical staff to quickly rule out MI, and to help diagnose and monitor the effectiveness of treatment for heart attack and heart injury. The easy-to-use mLabs platform returns results after 8 minutes and uses whole blood samples without the need for centrifuges or laboratory equipment.


Clinical Applications:

  • Ruling out myocardial infarctions

  • Diagnosing and monitoring effectiveness of treatment


Troponin I Resources



Control Insert

Assay Insert Whole Blood

Assay Insert Plasma

Training Video


The mLabs Troponin I test is CE marked and distributed outside of the US.




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