mLabs  Immunometer

Diagnostics on Demand for Point-of-Care

The mLabs ImmunoMeter is a universal touch screen reader with a fluorescence detection system specially designed for mLabs   disposable microfluidic cartridges. Equipped with intelligent electronics, the system can automatically tune the measurable range, and the on-board  performance quality control. When connected to the network system, the mLabs ImmunoMeter can transfer the data to the hospital information system or a remote server. This makes the mLabs ImmunoMeter a very effective portable POCT device. The device is also convenient for on-site use in case of emergency within an urban community, in remote rural areas, or on ambulances.


Features include:

  • Support for LIS connectivity

  • Real-time smart feedback loop for optical signal calibration

  • mLabs data drive for auto QC

  • Integrated internal barcode scan


Current Tests Available for the mLabs Immunometer

         mLabs Immunometer Training Video (20 minutes)




The mLabs ImmunoMeter is CE marked and distributed outside of the US.


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Immunometer Resources

Data Sheet 


Product Training Video

mLabs Assay Collection Tube Usage 

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