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Micropoint at Medlab Middle East 2024


Medlab Middle East is currently the world's largest exhibition for medical laboratory instruments and equipment. It gathers top-notch industry manufacturers from around the globe in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for a four-day event dedicated to academic promotion, industry exchanges, and business networking.Micropoint is showcasing its emergency and ICU testing platform, mLabs, featuring microfluidic fluorescence immunoassay technology, along with the qLabs point-of-care coagulation monitoring platform, at Medlab Middle East 2024.


The bedside testing for emergency and ICU patients primarily involves assays such as Troponin I, TnI/CK-MB/Myo for acute myocardial infarction, BNP or NT-proBNP for heart failure screening and monitoring, and PCT for sepsis screening and detection.Micropoint mLabs microfluidic platform boasts exceptional performance in whole blood testing speed, sensitivity, interference resistance, and stability of dry chemical reagents. It has garnered unanimous praise from customers, particularly in developing countries where it is widely deployed in emergency and critical care laboratory settings at tertiary hospitals. At this Medlab event, Micropoint aims to further expand the reach of the mLabs microfluidic platform to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), East Africa, and South Africa. Collaborations with key emergency POCT channels in several countries are being finalized to expand its reach.


In addition, partners and medical laboratory experts in the GCC region have shown keen interest in the qLabs handheld electrochemical coagulation POC platform. qLabs offers versatile coagulation POC testing or monitoring for various scenarios, such as at-home monitoring of PT-INR for anticoagulated patients (e.g., atrial fibrillation, mechanical heart valves, venous thromboembolism risk), professional PT-INR testing by family physicians or community doctors, screening for coagulation factor deficiencies in emergency patients, and postoperative APTT monitoring for patients receiving unfractionated heparin, among others.The qLabs platform already has a significant installed base in Europe and North America, and efforts at Medlab are aimed at expanding its presence to key partners in the Gulf region. Additionally, qLabs offers an excellent performance veterinary version, which is widely used in North America and Europe.


During the exhibition, the team members of Micropoint engaged in in-depth communication and exchange with partners from around the globe. We aspire to drive technological advancements in the POC field through collaborative efforts, aiming to provide better medical services to patients worldwide.In our future development, Micropoint will further strengthen technological innovation and product research and development. We will continuously introduce more innovative and competitive products to meet the evolving needs of the international market.