Our Vision


Micropoint is committed to providing medical professionals and patients with rapid point-of-care diagnostics and self-test products and systems that can enhance quality of care while increasing patient quality of life.

The combination of several trends, including an aging population, increasingly informed patients, and constantly improving technology means that the medical community will need to provide data-driven therapy, more personalized medicine, and earlier detection of cardiovascular disease, blood thinning conditions and infection.


Micropoint seeks to be at the forefront of these trends by developing innovative products and solutions that can quickly and reliably provide data that support medical decision-making, from hospital or home. 






U.S. Headquarters


Micropoint Bioscience, Inc.
3521 Leonard Court 
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States


T:+1 (408) 588-1682
F:+1 (408) 588-1620



European Office


Micropoint Bioscience, Inc.

2 rue Eugene Sue

38100 Grenoble



T: +33 6 22 38 20 48

F: +33 4 76 09 03 50

Asian Office


Micropoint Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.

5F, Bldg 1

Runheng Dingfeng Industrial Park, Liuxian 2 Rd.

Shenzhen 518101, Guangdong



T: +86 755 21600849

F: +86 755 86673903

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