Technology Partnering


Micropoint is committed to discovering the world’s best biomarkers, antibodies, and technologies in order to develop them into rapid diagnostic systems. Accessing external innovation and expertise is a crucial part of our R&D strategy. Every scientist at Micropoint has a successful track-record of working closely with external partner companies and leading academic researchers around the world in key clinical diagnostic areas. Recent technology partnership ventures include:


  • A novel tumor biomarker clinical study with fluorescence-based RIDA technology

  • A compact, handheld MEMS based optical reader

  • A novel biomarkers study on our mLabs® platform

  • Transferring central lab ELISA test kits to our mLabs platform

  • Transferring qualitative lateral flow tests into quantitative

  • Customizing antibodies to mLabs

  • Advanced bio-signal amplification technologies


At Micropoint, we continue to maintain our network of collaborative and consultative relationships. We're committed to working with partners to provide novel diagnostics on demand, and have a track record of transforming key partnerships into rewarding, long-term strategic alliances. Contact us to learn more about our partnership programs and processes.