Micropoint Innovation & Technology


At Micropoint, we believe that finding early and novel diagnostics for serious medical problems is the central responsibility of a healthcare company. This approach alleviates the burden of healthcare costs through early diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases, and by enhancing the health and well being of our patients.


Micropoint has become and continues to be a leader in combatting disease by funding and conducting R&D for early and rapid diagnosis of life-threatening diseases. Diagnostic tests play a key role in improving the results of treatment. They help healthcare professionals choose the most appropriate therapies and monitor how patients respond to treatment. This in turn contributes to effective,high-value healthcare tailored to each patient’s needs. Micropoint has achieved significant advances in vascular disease, including peripheral or coronary artery disease, venous blood clots, and blood clotting disorders.


We conduct extensive research  in the areas of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics, and biotechnology. Read about some of our research in our reading library.