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Monitoring Blood Thinning Agents in Pets at Point-of-Care



A PT/INR test helps ensure the effectiveness of the anticoagulant drug warfarin and that prothrombin time and internationally normalized ratio is appropriately prolonged. The APTT test is used primarily to investigate unexplained clotting or bleeding.


The qLabs Vet test merges the two tests in an easy-to-use small-sample blood test that provides highly accurate results within 2-7 minutes. The dry reagent strips can be stored at room temperature for immediate use for up to 12 or 18 months, with no equilibration required.


Clinical Applications:

  • Determining the effectiveness of blood thinning agents

  • To determine possible ingestion of rodent poison

  • To identify coagulation factor deficiency

  • To detect nonspecific antibodies associated with clotting episodes

  • To monitor standard heparin anticoagulant therapy


qLabs Vet Resources:


Datasheet (q3 model)

Datasheet (q2 model)

Control Insert 

Vet PT Insert 

Vet APTT Insert 

Vet Coag Panel 2 Insert 

Vet Manual 

Vet Quickstart Guide

Training Video


qLabs Vet test is CE marked and distributed outside of the US.




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