mLabs  Cardiac 3 Panel

Rapid Diagnosis and Management of Myocardial Infarctions



Chest pain accounts for millions of admissions to emergency rooms in the US annually. Up to 85% of these patients are not actually suffering from myocardial Infarction (MI). A great deal of time and money is spent stratifying these millions of patients. 3-in-1 panels of all three cardiac markers could provide a result more rapidly after onset of symptoms in order to rule out MI. This would enable patients who do not have an MI to be discharged, easing the financial burden and time spent attending to patients without acute needs.


Micropoint's mLabs Cardiac 3 Panel rapidly provides diagnostic information to differentiate acute myocardial infarction from other cardiac abnormalities. It can improve clinical, economic and operational outcomes, and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, costs and length of stay.


Clinical Applications:

  • Differentiation of MI from other cardiac abnormalities

  • Assistance in rapid clinical treatment decisions


Cardiac Panel 3 Resources:



Control Insert

Assay Insert Whole Blood

Assay Insert Plasma

Training Video


mLabs Cardiac Panel 3 test is CE marked and distributed outside of the US.




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