mLabs  BNP

Rapid Evaluation for Congestive Heart Failure



To date, echocardiography has been used to diagnose cardiovascular diseases, and it is one of the most widely used diagnostic tests for heart failure (HF). An echocardiogram is labor-intensive and thus expensive in comparison with biochemical markers such as BNP.


Micropoint’s BNP product is an in-vitro dagnostic test that offers early, rapid insight into cardiovascular function and prognosis. Using this assay clinical staff can quickly rule out congestive heart failure, can reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, costs, and length of stay, and improve clinical outcomes.


Micropoint’s BNP offers the advantages of speed, simplicity and stability. With whole blood sample testing no lab equipment is required, although plasma and serum are acceptable also. Results are stable after 4-10 minutes.


Clinical Applications:

  • Early detection, diagnosis and evaluation of severity of heart failure


BNP Resources:



Control Insert

Assay Insert Whole Blood

Assay Insert Plasma 

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mLabs BNP test is CE marked and distributed outside of the US.




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