Micropoint’s leadership team and the board of directors strive to serve the diverse interests of customers, employees, and shareholders while holding in mind an improved quality of life for patients.

This commitment is reflected in the leadership team's focus on value creation, creating a management culture driven by responsibility and integrity, highly effective corporate governance, and ensuring our reputation as a trustworthy company and reliable partner.


Our new Medical Advisory Board is the latest example of Micropoint’s commitment to helping people live longer, healthier, and fuller lives. Micropoint’s Medical Advisory Board is comprised of clinical physicians and other healthcare professionals who share with us their opinions and views on product performance, clinical applications, and end user requirements by participating in opinion surveys, clinical trials, and Micropoint-sponsored research programs and seminars.


This board offers real-world perspectives and expertise in addressing diagnostic challenges and trends as the company develops innovative and practical solutions that solve the unique challenges facing the medical community.



U.S. Headquarters


Micropoint Bioscience, Inc.
3521 Leonard Court 
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States


T:+1 (408) 588-1682
F:+1 (408) 588-1620



European Office


Micropoint Bioscience, Inc.

2 rue Eugene Sue

38100 Grenoble



T: +33 6 22 38 20 48

F: +33 4 76 09 03 50

Asian Office


Micropoint Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.

5F, Bldg 1

Runheng Dingfeng Industrial Park, Liuxian 2 Rd.

Shenzhen 518101, Guangdong



T: +86 755 21600849

F: +86 755 86673903

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